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Anxiety Series

Watercolor, Acrylic, Mirror Shards, Gold leaf on canvas



Price Upon Request


"Portrait using watercolor drippings and reduced out my areas of light through the paint. Later, I broke mirrors and glued the shards to artistically lay over eyes, and 'dripping' down to the nose and mouth. I used gold leaf accents as an extra element of reflection. Though captivating through photography, it is intended for the viewer to interact and find their own reflection in the shards of mirror. This piece came alive the first time that I showed it at an art show and started to get very charged responses from those who found themselves reflected back in the piece. I have always believed that art is meant to be SEEN, to interact with, and holds a very vulnerable view of the artist's mind in every brushstroke. Some find it disturbing, some exciting - but most importantly, ART is meant to PROVOKE!"

Anxiety Series (Price Upon Request)