Visual expression has the power to resonate, provoke and tell the story of our human history. With every brushstroke, artists put the workings of our inner mind on canvas, and out to the world for the public.  Translated in every piece are my personal and emotional concepts through an empowered, female LGBTQ lens. I'm drawn to organic shapes and by the inexplicable connection between mind and body, art and science. I believe the process in which art is executed is as important as finished work, and similarly, the viewer’s interpretation as significant as the artist’s original vision. Collectively, all artists across all disciplines are connected by a deep instinct to create with an unidentified biological purpose, and these questions inspire and fuel my art; does art come from the same place that love does? Or does artistic creation fill the void in humans to capture the emptiness around and in us?


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Artist Bio: I am a Freelance artist, and offer a myriad of artistic services. I studied Fine Art at the School of Visual Arts, where I honed my artistic skills and focused on large scale artwork, creating art with recycled and industrial materials, and, most importantly, community art. I love to guide fellow artist’s passion, and momentum and direct their energy toward creation; to help them realize their potential and create truly unique presentations of their vision.  I strive to break down the boundaries, lift the veil of mystery of fine art and welcome people of all abilities to explore the artist within themselves.  Fine art, of all the arts, is the most accessible to all people: no matter their age, gender, language or culture; visual expression has the power to resonate, provoke and tell the story of human history! 

I am incredibly passionate about art, as well as the presentation to the viewer, because in my eye, the viewer’s interpretation is as important, if not more so, as the artist’s original vision  I single-handedly create all my artistic content with love and intention. I built this website in a time when, due to pandemic circumstances, I could no longer could carry out my regular art events and shows. I did my best to incorporate the beauty, textures and feelings of my work through photography, videos and time lapses.. 

Currently offering the solution to your creative needs through fine art, mural and decorative art, photography & graphic design. 

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